HP ProLiant Servers

Why is it that organizations around the world rely on HPE ProLiant BL BladeSystem and DL Rackmount servers for the highest level of efficiency, insight and control? Why is it ProLiant servers perpetually bag technology pundit accolades and are perennial winners of the industry mag server awards? And why do the most respected publication flacks lionize HPE over IBM, Dell and Oracle?

Without any modifications, HPE's BL & DL servers categorically, by unbiased observation, verified performance benchmarks and real world experience outclever and outperform the iron carcasses of IBM, Dell and Orcle. Not to mention, HPE ProLiant servers are 64% more energy efficient than the three stooges. Waste no time or precious capital on anything less than HPE's decades of adroit engineering and precise integration all packed and configured into the BL & DL servers.

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